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The perfect marriage between fruit juice and alcohol



Products made with selected raw materials, using alcohol with designations of origin, such as Caribbean Rum, Mexican Tequila, Brazilian Cachaça and Eastern European Vodka.

The natural juice used in our spirits is selected from the best pineapples, oranges, peaches, lemons, blueberries and limes. We blend them to a perfect combination of flavours and texture to make a ready-to-serve cocktail with the quality of a freshly made drink.

Our large assortment of cocktails with and without alcohol comes in two ranges: READY TO DRINK and PREMIX. We are constantly developing new flavours to provide a fresh take on a classic experience.


Piña Colada Caipiroska Caipirinha
Tequila Sunrise Cosmopolitan Alcohol free Mojito
Strawberry Daiquiri Alcohol free San Francisco Mojito
Margarita Love on the beach Manhattan



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