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Macerations turned liqueur


 Sloe liqueur “La Granadina”

Made by macerating sloes in anisette. We use only the best fruit picked at the perfect point of ripeness to extract its full flavour
Presentation: glass bottle 1 L.

Alcohol content: 25 % vol



 Tea liqueur “Sueños de la Alhambra”

Gentle and delicate, our new “Alhambra Dreams” tea liqueur is an exquisite blend of aroma and flavour. The best natural alcohol and choice black tea combine to preserve the charm of home-made products. Intense amber colour with notes of black tea, orange and almonds in the mouth.


Presentation: Glass bottle 70 cl

Alcohol content: 18% vol 



Chocolate liqueur  “Sueños de la Alhambra”

Made by combining the best cocoa with choice alcohols.


Presentation : Piramyd glass bottle 50 cl

Alcohol content: 15,5% vol




Lemon liqueur “Sueños de la Alhambra”

An infusion of lemon rind and neutral alcohol sweetened with sugar and lemon juice to give this liqueur a special flavour and aroma.


Presentation : Piramyd glass bottle 50 cl

Alcohol content: 23% vol




Lollypop liqueur.

A delicate, low alcohol liqueur made with agricultural alcohol and the best cherries and almonds to imitate that special lollypop flavour.


Presentation : Glass Bottle 1L

Alcohol content: 15% vol





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