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A combination of the purest European vodkas and more intense flavours


Vodka by J.A.N Caramelo

Delicate liquor elaborated with the best vodka in combination with liquor of caramel

Presentation: Aluminiun bottle 70 cl

Alcohol content: 30 % vol

Ideal for drinking neat





Vodka by J.A.N Chocolate

 Delicate liqueur made from the best grain based vodka, combined with a chocolate

Presentation: Aluminium botlle 70 cl

Alcohol content: 25% vol

Ideal for drinking neat





Vodka VK Colors by J.A.N

Delicate liquors elaborated with the best vodkas with the wild fruits (cassis, cranberries, and cherries).

Presentation : Glass bottle 1L

Alcohol content: 17% vol

Flavors available: black, blue, red, cherry, caramel.


To drink alone or in combination with a refreshing drink of your choice, juice, etc. 


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